Dressing up is a fun way to express your creativity. You do not only communicate your personal style with how you dress, but you also give yourself confidence a boost. Needless to say, putting your best clothes on is surely a way to express yourself, and impress others.

While playing with clothing, shoes, and accessories can be amusing, it can be a little more challenging if you are not into buying new trendy pieces. However, effective personal styling is not only about wearing the latest fad, because most times, your best pieces are the ones that you already have in your closet. The crucial part is knowing how to wear them and what to wear with them! So if you already have beautiful clothing items, below are some tips that can help you bring new vitality to your style, and that is through mixing and matching.

  1. Play with colors

women red shoesStart with the color that you usually would want to wear. Although this choice is basically up to you, choosing a bright, vibrant color is always advisable. Choose whatever this color is, the one that you feel most beautiful in, and that would be the primary color of your wardrobe. Wear pieces in this color most of the time.

Pick a second color that coordinates with the first one. A secondary color should look good with the first color when placed side by side. This will be a supporting color, to alternate with your first choice.

You can never go wrong with neutrals, so it is always best to choose two to three neutral shades (black, white, or gray/brown). These neutrals would compliment your primary and secondary colors. Pair your neutrals with either of your top two choices.

  1. Have fun with accents

Stylists would normally suggest that you pick a neutral color for your coats, pants, and skirts, and the bright, vibrant color for your innerwear like blouses and tank tops. The bright color will compliment the muted visual of your larger piece. This vibrant piece will accentuate your outfit without overwhelming it.

  1. Choose the right shoes

man dress shoesNo matter how confident and comfortable you are with your clothes, shoes are just what makes the whole thing work. An attractive dress pants will look drab when paired with some high cut basketball shoes. Apart from the appearance and purpose of your shoe, right sizing is also an essential thing to consider. You would never want to wear an ill-fitting shoe while sporting your best dress style.

Mixing and matching clothes is a fun and easy way to revamp your style and know how the pieces work for you. It can make for a trendy casual wear or an appealing formal pair. But whatever the current fashion trend is today, what matters most is that you dress YOU. Consider your style, but never forget your comfort!