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4th of July Vintage Style with Gentri Lee

The 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the middle of Summer and the heat is reaching it’s peak, family and friends gather together to celebrate, there’s great food, fireworks, and parades. One of my favorite parts would be all of the nostalgia, there’s a patriotism in the air. Can it get better? Not really.
To celebrate the 4th I put together a little photo shoot, I wanted it to embrace vintage and modern USA- all things that I think will make for a great 4th…

Vintage records. The soundtrack to your holiday must be music that screams USA.
(yes, I know the Beatles are from the UK, but really, it’s fine.)

Coca-Cola in vintage glass bottles. These are easier to find than you think and not only is the branding red, but they scream vintage USA.

Overalls. Yes, they’re making a comeback and what better way to celebrate than in vintage style?
Converse. They’re an american staple! Perfect for being on your feet all day and looking festive.

Last but not least
Sparklers. A firework you can carry in your hand, a firework you can dance around and write your name with? Absolutely.